Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the claim from?


We have found in most jurisdictions a conflict of interest with the agency that handles notifying potential claimants of their money. The agency that usually is in charge of finding you is also the agency that gets to keep the moeny if it goes unclaimed.


2. When does the statute of limitations expire?


There are mulitple factors affecting the statute of limitations; such as which county and state the money is located in and how much time has already passed. The goal of FP&S is to locate the claimant when the claim is still new. The quicker we can get the process started, the easier it will be to obtain the claim succesfully.


3. Why should i have FP&S help me instead of getting the claim myself?


The biggest disadvantage you are at in claiming the asset yourself is knowing where the money is located. A lot of claims are harder to find then just logging into an unclaimed website and if you were to find it, there are perks for having an experienced third party to pursue it for you. The agencies that hold the assets have a multitude of requirements that must be met and followed properly to ensure recovery of the claim. Not only are they difficult to work with, but they are also slow to respond because they stand to keep the money if you do not claim it during the set amount of time. We have the right to get an attorney, if need be, to successfully ensure your claim is paid.


4. How much do you charge to collect?


There is no set price for this because we have found it varies depending upon the complexity of the case. Some cases take more time and resouces to collect then others.


5. How long does it take to collect?


There are many factors that contribute to the length of time involved in successfuly persuing a claim. It can be as little as just a few weeks and in rare instances, as long as a year or more. We have your claims manager diligently working to get you paid and they will keep you updated during every step of the way.


6. What is the next step?


If you have received your paperwork, please contact us. Once the paperwork is received, signed, and returned, we can move forward with your claim and get you on the track to getting your money.